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Lesson 16- Save our LAGOONS

Save Chemuena Lagoon from filth. Any time you drop litter into the lagoon or river, you infiltrate the organic life of the water bodies and kill their very existence.
The net effect is that, at the slightest downpour, the lagoon overflows its banks causing regular flooding in parts of the city. The Government of Ghana, having realized the adverse impacts of pollution in the lagoon on the physical and economic environment of Accra, with the support of donor agencies, is implementing measures to restore the lagoon to its natural ecology (Boadi & Kuitunen2002).
Tourists are never attracted to such water bodies and Ghana loses.
#savechemuenalagoon #dontliterourwaterbodies
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Lesson 17 - Save our beaches

Having a serene beach is attractive to both local and international tourists. However, it takes sanity of cleanness to ensure a serene beach, devoid of filth. Littering our beaches is always an impediment to our relaxation and natural goodness. STOP LITTERING OUR BEACHES. Lets have white beaches again.
#Stoplitteringourbeaches #Walantsebo
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Lesson 18 - Kill Dirt before it kills you

A clean market is a clean environment, and a clean market is a healthy market.
littering the market creates an unhygienic environment which affects the commodities that we buy from the market. contaminated foods from an unhealthy market can cause infections and diseases and eventually death. Don't litter our markets.
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