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Who We Are

ESTYLO is a STYLO consult initiative, established to promote electronic and mobile learning in Tertiary Communication training dispensations, with much focus on the advertising curriculum. This initiative will give our audience the opportunity to practice, E-learning Distant learning Online learning and Blended learning in order to broaden their horizon. With focus on advertising, students will get the chance to engage in different learning activities using different technologies. Furthermore, ESTYLO seeks to engage quite a number of students in the various activities, thus, the need to establish a club on campus as an initiative to integrate e-learning into main stream education. Club members are to find solutions to various problems students encounter with regards to advertising, therefore social media platforms will be used in order to involve a lot of students not only on GIJ campus but from other campuses as well.

What We Do

OUR VALUES 1.Premier interface between eLearning and Advertising (eLAd) in Ghana. 2.To make the teaching and learning of (eLAd) more practical and fascinating. 3.To engage our audiences by Publishing our materials via web technologies and social media tools. 4.To solve difficult advertising communication issues through our EPROMISE MODELS. 5.To solve difficult advertising communication issues through our SMART MODELS. 6.To use the Mobigogy approach to deliver problem-based learning and project-based learning of advertising in Ghana.

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